【重要/ Important Notice】バージョン1.1.0リリースのお知らせ/ Released the version 1.1.0

【2022/12/26 12:15 追記/added】


After updating the app, if you face the message to go to store again and cannot log into the app, please close completely the store and the app, then please try it again after a while.

「ハムスターの里」運営チーム/"Hamster Valley" operation team


*English follows Japanese.








Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!




Thank you for playing "Hamster Valley".
We released the updated version of the app (1.1.0) today.
Please note that depending on the environment, it may take some time to reflect.
In that case, wait for a while and then try the update.

■Added the following function:
・Notification display at login
・Notification display if there is a new version of the app

■Adjusted the following functions:
・Hamster bonus for Hamcoins and Friendship points are added for the "Home Alone" rewards and the "Purse" items.
・Lighthend the operation process of the app


【Holiday Season present for all users!】

We send you "Reindeer" hamster and 500 Jewels as holiday season present!
When you log into the app next time, after updating to the latest version, you are supposed to receive them.

■Items you will receive: "Reindeer" hamsgter×1 and 500 Jewels
■Period to receive: Until December 31st (Sat), 2022 (JST)


Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!
We wish you a wonderful holiday.

"Hamster Valley" operation team

【Request from the operation team】
For safety, please frequently perform "Generate transfer password" while playing.
If an event such as being unable to open the app occurs before you have ever generated a transfer password, it will be difficult to recover the data even if you contact us.
In addition, the data that can be transferred is the data up to the time when "Generate transfer password" is performed, so please save it frequently.