【追記】「ダルメシアン」「スノーホワイト」お迎え時の挙動につきまして / About an issue when you welcome “Dalmatian” or “Snow White”

【追記/Added 2023/8/8 AM10:45 (JST) 】

*English follows Japanese.




※2023/8/8 追記※




Thank you for playing "Hamster Valley".

Among some customers, there has been an occurrence where summoning "Dalmatian" or "Snow White" within the Standard Hamster does not correctly increase the count.

・Summoned "Dalmatian," but instead of Dalmatian, "Snow White" arrived without an increase in their numbers.
・Summoned "Snow White," but instead of Snow White, "Dalmatian" arrived without an increase in their numbers.

※Added on the 8th August※
We already fixed the phenomenon the above, however, individualized responses will be necessary for customers for whom this phenomenon has occurred.
If you have experienced the above situation, please contact our user support with the details.

Thank you for your understanding.

"Hamster Valley" operation team

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