【iOSの方へ/For iOS Users】アプリにログインできない場合の対処法/The way to log into the app

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Thank you for playing "Hamster Valley".
Currently, for those who are using iOS, after updating to 1.1.0, the message "There is a new version of the app" is displayed, and the situation does not change even if both the app and the store are completely closed.

We are currently working on fixing it.

Until the new version of the app is released, please try the following method to log in.

【To log in to the Hamster Valley】

Start the "Hamster Valley" app

When the message of "The new version of the app...." pops up,
set your smartphone in "airplane mode".
*If Wifi is on, too, turn off Wifi too.

Close the "Hamster Valley" app and the Appstore app

Start the "Hamster Vally" app again

When the message of "No connection" pops up, turn off "airplane mode".
*If you use Wifi, turn on Wifi too.

Please wait for a while until this issue is fixed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

"Hamster Valley" operation team

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