復刻イベント開始のお知らせ / The rerun event has started!

*English follows Japanese.



■復刻イベント期間:2023年9月17日(日)14:00~2023年10月1日(土)13:59 (JST)





Thank you for playing "Hamster Valley".
The rerun event, "Hints of Fall" has started today.
"Hints of Fall" is a well-received event held in September 2022.

Completing special event challenges lets you earn rewards, such as decorations or useful items.

Special, rare hamsters can only be acquired through the monthly event Special Pass.

Join an event to earn rewards!

■Rerun event name: Hints of Fall
■Rerun event period: 14:00, September 17th, 2023 - 13:59, October 1st, 2023 (JST)
*Rewards such as decoration recipes and rare hamsters that can be obtained at this event are the same as those at the time of September 2022.

Please enjoy the autumn event in the valley!

"Hamster Valley" operation team

【Request from the operation team】
For safety, please frequently perform "Generate transfer password" while playing.
If an event such as being unable to open the app occurs before you have ever generated a transfer password, it will be difficult to recover the data even if you contact us.
In addition, the data that can be transferred is the data up to the time when "Generate transfer password" is performed, so please save it frequently.

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